maandag 22 juli 2019

Looking for new labels for split LP with Discordance Greece

MatraK AttaKK (anarcha-crustcore from Belgium -  ),is looking for diy labels for our 3rd co-production.
This time we are going to release a split LP with Discordance from Greece (

Both bands already recorded the songs so we are ready to send the order to Flight 13 ( in the beginning of august. 

Previous official releases : 

2016 st cd on Vleesklak (B), Dead Punx Society (B)
2017 promo cd-r 4 way split with Abominations all Over (B), Grenzlinie(I), Pink Rose (F) sold out
2018 Cura split tape with Ascidie, France sold out
2019 White Male Privilege - split LP with Pakt, Slovenia on : Deviance (F), Dilapidated (US), Missing the Point(UK), Sedation(I), Aktiver Ausstand (D), Götterwind (D), Rohkunst (D), We Love Asozial (D), No Surrender (D), Pandora (D), Misericord (B)
2019 Split Ep with Grenzlinie, Italy on: Bisonours (F), Missing The Point (UK), Götterwind (D), Distrozione (I), Sedation (I), Destruktor (US), Death Trap (NL), Aredje (B), il Mâr (I), Nuclearsunpunk (I), Dis-Srot (CZ).

Are you interested in partecipating? Let us know soon, if each label would put 100 - 200 euro it would be great; each vinyl will cost 4 euro.


 MatraK AttaKK

donderdag 25 april 2019


After the Split LP with PAKT released on 11 labels, we're happy to announce you the next vinyl release of MatraK AttaKK : a split EP with a old dead band of mine, Grenzlinie as some songs were never released, we thought that they deserved to be somewhere after 14 years! :D

This album includes the remix of 3 songs of the split tape with Ascidie as it"s long time sold out, and a special outro!
We thank Pascale, Angie, Mart, Raya for this .

Gotterwind (D) / Bisounours (F) / Sedation (I) / Nuclearsunpunk+ Il Mar Autoproduzioni (I) / De-struktor (USA) / Missing the Point (UK) / Deathtrap (NL) / Dis-srot ( CZ)/ Aredje (B)

More infos soon :)

dinsdag 15 januari 2019

2019 the year of our vinyl releases :)

So our vinyl releases for this year will be:

1) April : MatraK AttaKK // Pakt Split LP on those labels:

2) After the summer : MatraK AttaKK // Grenzline split EP

on 10 labels !!! we'll announce them soon!

3)  out in Autumn 2019 : split LP with Discordance Greece