dinsdag 15 januari 2019

2019 the year of our vinyl releases :)

So our vinyl releases for this year will be:

1) April : MatraK AttaKK // Pakt Split LP on those labels:

2) After the summer : MatraK AttaKK // Grenzline split EP

on 10 labels !!! we'll announce them soon!

3)  Probably coming out end of the year next year : split LP with tba 

vrijdag 7 december 2018

Some nice Flyers that we could find back!

Reviews // Interviews // fanzines // News

Interview w/ NETTLE COLLECTIVE ! Check them out!

Interview Nettle Collective

REVIEW of White Male Privilege on Doom to Grind zine :
DOOMTO GRIND zine review

REVIEW White Male Privilege on Underdog fanzine in german!

Podcast DEviance records

keep the rage podcast

Crucified Freedom


Podcast Antinational fest
PODCAST RADIO Canut // Antinational fest

BIOGRAPHY and TOURS untill Now :)

Matrak AttaKK Liege/Leuven since July 2017

Matrak Attakk is since 2019:
Crustina / Py / Josney / A.P. / Raya

matrak attakk biography
MatraK AttaKK is a 4 or 5piece anarchogrind/crust band from Belgium, with focus on thematics like feminism, antipsychiatry and in general, anarchism.
We are 3 people squatting together in Liege, plus one other guy living in Leuven, and since Raya joined us, we have one belgian guy too.
We play dark angry and mostly, fast songs.
We made some tours with this formation, that exist from 2017. We are planning for more!

Before, MatraK AttaKK was active in Gent, from 2014. We were 6 people and we were 2 singers and we had 2 guitars.
We came out from an older band with another name, that splitted. In the beginning of 2017, also 4 of the band left, till I ended to be the only original member in june 2017. We released an old demo CD in 2016 with the old formation, a cd-r in september 2017 for the october tour, a cd-r with 8 totally new songs in january 2018. In April 2018 we released a split tape with Ascidie, totalitarpunk from Grenoble.
We have fanzines (2 issues till now) this time with some drawing and explanation of the lyrics.
---> Next year the split LP MATRAK ATTAKK + PAKT will be out, and we plan to celebrate it with a tour to Spain and Portugal.
We are also part of the diy scene of Belgium.
We still organise benefit shows in the squat where we live, the Highway to Hell, in Liege.
We also self print our patches/t-shirts/posters, 'cause we have a screenprinting workshop in our squat, that let us sell our merch at free price.

We keep on spreading our anarchist messages in the punk/crust/hardcore/grind scene, that lately is becoming so close to the commercial one, always more and more apolitical and empty.

TOURS of MATRAK ATTAKK untill now:

( With the old formation, jun 2016  Moshrat / Josney / Cristina / Stan / Isaac / Punker ) : 
June 2016 : Rotterdam Poortgebouw - Luik Kreaction - Groningen Bambara - Bremen Die schaenke + Querlenker - Hamburg Lobusch -  Leipzig Liwi - Berlin Kopi +  Projecthaus greenhouse.

APRIL 2017 :  Josney / Cristina / Toto / Py : The DSM is scam Tour w/ Klaus Vomi : 
14 April Liege (B) Kreaction - 15 April Metz(F) La chouée - 16 April Darmstad (D) Villa Oetinger - 17 April Basel (CH) Schwarze eerle - 18 april Innsbruck  (A) cafe decentral - 19 april Vienna (A)venster99 - 20 april Vezsprem (H) Szigony - 21 april Brno (CZ) Yacht club - 22 april Leipzig (D) Focke - 23 april Brussel (B) Barlok.JUNE 2017 : Josney / Cristina / Toto / Py : Total eclipse of the Earth mini tour Germany
17 June Grosskorbetha - 19 June Berlin Kopi

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 : Cristina / Py / Toto / Remco -  Their Ghouls tour
28 September Amsterdam Vrankrijk -  29 September Bremen Die Friese 30 September Berlin On Fire Fest - 1 October Torun (PL) Pilon - 2 October Warsaw Pzychodnia - 3 October Gliwice CKN 13 - 4 October Vienna (A) Venster99  - 5 October Bratislava Na Garazach  - 6 October Prostejov Echo - 7 October Prague (CZ) Pravekfest + Pilsen (CZ) Pohoda 8 October Leipzig Focke

APRIL 2018 : '' ''                    CURA Tour with Zratila se kocka
4 April Nancy (F) Black Baron - 5 April Geneve (CH) Ilot13 - 6 April Le Mans Helldoya (F)  -
7 April Torino (I) TAZ - 8 April Milano (I) T28 - 9 April Bologna (I) XM24 - 10 April Lubjana (SL) (Metelkova Jalla Jalla) - 11 April Rijeka (HR)  Podrum - 12 April Beograd (SRB) MKC Kombinaat - 13 April Skopje (MK) Pod Plodnik - 14 April Sofia (BG) Fabrika Avtonomia - 15 April Timisoara (RO) DAOS club - 17 April Vezsprem Szigony - 18 April Bratislava na Garazach - 
19 April Gliwice (PL) CKN 13 - 20 April Prague (CZ) Brakadniku - 21 April Leipzig Focke

JULY/AUGUST 2018 : '' "          White Male Privilege Tour 
31 July JUZI Gottingen (D) - 1 August Lubeck (D) VeB - 2 August Hassleholm (SE) Perrong 23 - 4 August  Svartmyra/Hygget festival (SE) - 5 August Trondheim (NO) Uffa - 6 August Oslo (NO) Blitz - 8 August Uppsala (SE) Femman - 9 August Linkoping Lorient - 10 August Malmo Enskiftet - 11 August Bremen Querlenker

23 August : Amsterdam Vrankrijk - 24 August Groningen Bambara - 25 August Rotterdam Duct Tape

7 November Mainz (D) Haus Mainusch - 8 November Linz (A) secret keller-9 November Lubjana (Sl) Metelkova GROMKA -  10 November Vienna (AT) Venster99 - 11 November Novi Marof (HR) Stara skola - 12 November Pula Monteparadiso (HR)- 13 November Treviso Parabae - 14 november Modena Libera Officina (I) - 15 November Roma Bencinvenga (I) - 16 November Macerata (I) La 2a casa tra le campagne maceratesi - 17/11 Monza Boccaccio (I) 19 November  Geneve urgence disk Usine- 20 November Lausanne Pornodiesel (CH) - 22 November Biel Schrottbar - 23 november Zurich (CH)  Koch Aeral - 24 november Strasbourg (D) Diamant D'or
Next gigs December

6/12 : BARLOK BXL - benef for Barlok
13/12 : CCL Lille - Antispeciest benefit
22/12 : Fenix Hasselt - Feminist gig
29/12 : SOJO Leuven - Xmass bash

15/2/2019 : Brugge 't koersepeerd
25-26/2/2019 : Groningen 'bambara' and  Amsterdam
9/3 : Metz chateau 404
17/3/2019 : Liege HTH
18/4 : Paris need help
19/4 : Bovel
20/4 : Le mans
21/4 : Lille need help
22/4 : Liege Tunnhell
26/4 : Brusshell Barlok
29/4 : Frankfurt tbc
30/4 : Nurenberg Wagenplatz
17/5 : Hannover
18/5 : Keulen area need help!
29-5 till 16/6 : tour germany / DK / Sweden/ Finland / Baltic countries / Poland. More info soon
22/6 : Gent
27-28/9 : Hamburg tbc
8/11 : Leuven Depot

donderdag 6 december 2018

MatraK AttaKK Live

Here some lives ..
13/4/2018 - Skopje Macedonia // Incoherent Noise

MatraK AttaKK in Skopje


15/4/2018 - Timisoara // Romania DAOS Club  - CURA Tour

MatraK AttaKK in Timisoara Romania


12/4/2018 - Belgrado //  Serbia MKC Kombinat - CURA Tour

MatraK AttaKK in Belgrado


27/4/2018 - Brussel // Magasin 4

MatraK AttaKK Magasin 4


2/11/2018 - Live at BARLOK Brussel

MatraK AttaKK at BARLOK


6/11/2018 - Live at Highway to Hell - Liege

MatraK AttaKK @ HTH Liege


9/11/2018 - Live at Metelkova/Gromka Lubjana - Winter tour with Ascidie

MatraK AttaKK Live in Ljubljana

19/11 - Live at Urgence Disk Usine Geneve CH

MatraK AttaKK - Urgence Disk Geneve


4/8/2018 - Live at Svartmyra Hygget Fest Sweden


7/10/2017 - Live in Pravekfest Praha

MatraK AttaKK Pravekfest Praha


9/10/2017 - Live in CKN 13 GLIWICE Poland

MatraK AttaKK CKN 13 Gliwice Poland


8/10/2017 - Live in Giessen AK 44 Germany

MatraK AttaKK AK44 Giessen


6/10/2017 - Live at ECHO Prostejov Czec Republic

MatraK AttaKK - Prostejov ECHO



CURA - split Tape with Ascidie - recorded in january 2018 out in April 2018

CURA split TAPE with Ascidie

WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE - Released July 2018

White Male Privilege

ALL OUR PAST AND PRESENT RELEASE ON BANDCAMP : (put 0 euro to download them for free)

PUNKS FOR ROJAVA : Split w/ Interpunkce (CZ) for supporting the struggle in Rojava :




the rulers of this world are disconnected from reality.
Reality is the urge to change our habits.
Reality is to admit, that the system is oppressive and that discrimination exist.
Reality is to admit that people are still killed for being different and the system takes part on their death,
when it's not giving the final shot itself.
Reality is also, making the truth circulate : 
that we are not born as consumers,
that we are not born as selfish creatures.
We don't need to accumulate money and goods,
we don't need to crush others.
We need to realize what the system wants us to be.
Because they failed to take care and to preserve the Earth.
Therefore they shall perish.


It's the whispering of all those who died ,waking up people by surprise
why do i hear them, I cannot control it, why I don't know why?!
Feeling the chill of dead cold words 
millions of children raped and abused
Cold broken minds, lives been used.
Dreams and Hope of fights that are lost
If u think they don't suffer, hear their ghouls.
Refugees denied sin of mankind,
women are raped cause men are allowed,
Screams are echoing what was ever,woved.
Cops and soldiers kill and rape!
Dissociating from feelings, and what is alive,
Exploiting people in all kind of landscapes!
Dehumanising, filling with blood, the barrels.

ALL THE WAYS ( to make us sick) 

All the possible ways to tell you,you dont fit
is attributing psychiatric diagnoses cause it's of you the they'll get rid
I'm talking about what en who's not accepted by socety
but labeling and medicating with fake scientific prove could be a fatality
It's not only the restraining jacket, the symbol of psychiatric abuse,
it also A.P.A.'s shitty book, that allow this use.
So the category personality disorders or children's labels,
are nothing else than descriptions of what society gathers.
Borderline is the new hysteria, made it subtile, vague and actual,
like all those new labels, as sexual hypoactive or asexual.
ADHD children were once annoying but not  sick.
Strange and interesting personalities are now schizotypical,
and work stressed people all slick risperdal!
So open your eyes facing modern psychiatry,
'cause a loads disorders, are just the mirror of society.
Redefining science of the mind as a new born god,
if the research say so, it can't be wrong!
Take the new speed to slick
finding all the ways, to make us sick!
Birth control with fluoride 
creating zombies with rilatine 
erasing sexual desire with antidepressant 
Restraining fantasy with neuroleptics.


Nobody can save us if we don't look in ourselves
if we dont realise we still follow the male gaze
exteriorising jalousy and bad feelings towards other women
 just cause we are trapped, in those shitty mechanisms 
that  allow men to control us more and more!
So defend your sisters don't turn your back
war against sexism has to start into us,
if we're not careful with this more and more,
all previous fights will turn into dust!
Et toi le mec bourré de cliché patriarcaux
refuse que la societé fasse de toi un dominant
et vois dans les yeux de tes soeurs en lutte
la rage qu'elles incarnent contre le sexisme.
When we let envy poison our hearts
is 'cause the patriarchal society made us!
so stop looking at yourself with a sexist brain
and think, we need so much to regain!


Guilt!  Shame!  Multiply!
Tears!  Cramps!  Testify!
Puke!  Breed!  Don't Abort
Stay in your Discomfort.
Suffer for something you don't want,
humans just have to be born,
suffer from something you don't want,
humans just have to be born.
you don't have to
you don't have to
be abused
choice is yours
as your body,
you can choose
for your life.
what's this religious stupid thought,
that you are guilty if you abort?
How long we still have to suffer from this bigottry, old, insanity, refuse!
what's this religious stupid thought
that you are guilty if you abort.
Guilt!  Shame!  Multiply!
Tears!  Cramps!  Testify!
Puke!  Breed!  Don't abort!
Stay, in your, discomfort!
Suffer from something you don't want,
human have just to be born
suffer from something you don't want,
human are just fucking born!


Another girl is born, 
a future victim for the pharmaceutical industry,
prescribing the pill when she's not fully grown
then making money from misery.
Only diabetes is genderfree,
selling insuline covering governments' sins
polluting the Earth 'has it should be',
to arrive faster! To the next barn.

It's hard to be a woman in a world for men,
just like it's hard to be black in a world for white,
dominate inventing differentiated disorders and write them in the DSM
70's  nymphomaniacs made place for the hypoactive sexual desire
so that she can slick pills 'till she hang herself with a wire,
 the heterosexual patriarchal vision never said farewell.

Thank to religions, to the capitalist scam,
 god bless america's A.P.A., mother of  crimes
made it feminine to grow more male pride 
so that those western trends would go worldwide!

Christian religion is still present in  doctor's minds:
young girls should take the pill 'cause  guilty of having sex,
and shall be reduced to chemically, popped up dolls,
and shall stay sexually desirable 'things', to satisfy their man!

still who decides what we want, are men,
that's why we help the industry, more than them,
you shall perish under your menstruations cramps, and worry to hide em good!
Eva's punished by god on earth, u'll always feel some pain!

That without taking your pill(s)you'll grow a sense of guilt,
for all the poor unborn children and family you dont want to build!

Take your relatine to be bound to your child
take your xanax to forget your sakes.
Skip, those brainwashing pro-pregnancy publicity
and please, laugh at their stupidity.


Rich ignorant people condamning our lives
who don't know anything of our minds
money rules the world and blinds your eyes,
For sure they don't care if we would live or die.
What money does,
kicking out people for renting to people,
or just 'cause they don't, like our style!
from your Porsche you look disgusted to us,
and from your elycopter you laugh and you smile!
Sadistic Bastard!
You left your soul behind.


Cura cura 
se vuoi la pelle dura
cura cura 
e' tutto cio' che vuoi

lavaggio del cervello sulla tua identita'
tu non sei capace nella tua societa'
che rinchiusa nella sua mediocrità
ti porta a credere che sei tu che sei sbagliata

mondo dell'ovest privilegiato
non ne muoiono abbastanza
finché non muore ogni speranza.

sei tu che sei malata
se ti hanno violentata
quanta gente di merda
si intrufola nella scena,
sessisti, fascisti,
stasera tutti a cena.

Usando il privilegio 
senza pensare al cambiamento
credendo a cio' che dicono
nel cervello hanno il silenzio!

esseri umani 
che mangiano animali
vogliono solo attaccare,
cio' che non comprendono.

Spoken :" Se l'è cercata lei,
la ninfomane scoppiata,
 lei che voleva, esser, violentata!"
esseri infami,
e' facile credere alle proprie verita',
non si pongono, problemi,
si proclamano anarchici e violentano, nella scena!


can't see anarchism  without feminism!

'cause patriarchy has always been linked to capitalism
refuse catholic religion 'cos it's the same shit
privileged white male made the modern society
 as god... created...
as god created humans starting from HIMself
eva coming from a rib, sexism can be spread
to silent women, queer and transpeople
dominate the poor, people of colour and feed the hatred

Binarity - serves patriarchy
Gender roles - are stupid        
A way  - to Dominance
A need  - for Power

we refuse to feed the heterosexual social machine!

their power engine should be sabotaged
show your 'queerness' refuse to marry
if it's not  to avoid all the borders' norms
as god...created...

heteropatriarchal manners are a way to white male domination
destroy this cistem and gender expectations
abandon the family dream kill your own sexist myth!
destroy the white male privilege
recognise your own cis privilege
Ban all society self fullfilling old bigotry dreams!


what's the purpose of this feeble life?
you think you win but you're out of time!
limited human brain, waiting for clues!

it's not possible to learn from mistakes
still your brain is filled with those damn sakes
taking advantage of our feeble life,
it's the price for choosing a side.

grasping to find a truth in the sick human's mind
elaborating miserable thoughts to fill in the emptyness of this times
destructing double glass mirrors and still dont be sure
that all those constructions of mankind, will not make me pure.

Running out of fantasy and happiness,
cause our world is turning to nothingness.
always trying to be satisfied,
when you know that satisfaction is a lie.

 white noises smashing your brain in the end there is only pain.
i can't trust mankind ,longing for some more signs,
that believing illusions is possible or simply not to care,
but in the end, in the end, there's mostly sorrow.


slim spelen of eerlijkheid, geen medelijden geen hoffelijkheid
enkel een oude vuile hoop, gelukkig zijn is te koop.
wanneer zal het allemaal eindigen en kunnen mensen maar beledigen?
waarom is zo vreemd  een stand  in te nemen?

nu dat facho's zijn overal getolereerd
als je niet belg bent wordt je geviseerd, als je niet slijmt wordt je geïsoleerd.
daar waar seksisme en nationalisme zouden minder sterk moeten zijn
hebben wij nog, vlaamse fascisten die beweren  dat niet zijn!

apolitische facho's bestaan niet, 
'sieg heil roepende stemmen' zal ik er nooit aan wennen!

ze dragen vlaggen tegen dierenmishandeling
en zorgen voor het belang van Vlamingen
ze willen vluchtelingen dood maar geen schattige dieren!
dan drinken ze Leffe om te vieren!

waarom gaat 't al zo SNEL
er is geen TIJD
 voor een UITWEG

maar ze zijn te facho om 't niet te zijn,
vlaamse leeuwen op uw vest, doen mij zeker pijn!

Nationalism has risen look around you
Flags of hatred flags of doom
Fear and insecurities spreaded around

Believing that re-fu-gees
have to be stopped and even killed

Empathie's gone, people don't listen!
they say migration is the cause
of poverty problems in those 'countries of yours'!
while capitalism kills even 'his folks'!

No guilt and no remorse
to send people back to their homes
destroyed by rich countries arms
peace missions of legal rapists.

We bomb countries and kill everyday
and if a bomb explodes here everybody goes insane
destroy all the borders they're all to blame!

Believing that re-fu-gees
have to be stopped and even killed


Assassini legali torturatori laureati
Aiutanti disumanizzati, fascisti constatati : 
sbirri, militari e pichiatri!

Rinchiudete la gente in prigione o in psichiatria
e nessuno si chiede della vostra malattia
credete ciecamente e seguite gli ordini,
cio' che é storto va raddrizzato, torturato e poi,
legate le persone, uccidete gli innocenti
e tutto in nome dei capi potenti

Il D.S.M.    
é una calunnia

Neurolettici e rilatina con le benzo. fate il cocktail
e nno vi frega niente se vi svengono davanti
cercate solo clienti drogati e paganti
la personalità autoritaria é l'unico vero problema
col vostro sangue freddo, uccidete a catena.

le bandiere
il D.S.M.
bloccate gli sbirri
boicottate tutti i fascismi

Assassini legali, torturatori laureati
aiutanti disumanizzati, fascisti constatati
sbirri, militari e psichiatri
eredi del dogma disumanizzanti.


why we still care why we still judge, why we don't see the reality of things
patriarchy still impose us, behaviours that no woman should accept
if we are ourselves however we are we don't care if our behaviour is ''right''
we don't mind how much we are despised however we act and we don't need your advise

tell us what to wear, how to socialise and do
tell us who to fuck and how often we should
insults and frustrations that male mind let go there is no blame in being who you are and how you love
fingers pointed, sluts & whores 
all the patriarchist point of view
psychological violence, sexist looks


non c'e' fine alla violenza!
battuta ferita e senza ritorno nella 'stanza'
per-che'-la punizione per tradire e' questa
non c'e' fine alla sottomissione della donna e
sangue odio umiliazione e 'peccati' che portano violenza!

e intorno il gelo freddo
e poi,
il dolore esplode nel petto
e poi
i sentimenti si frammentano
e poi,
sei tu la stronza per l'altra!

uante di noi sono state imprigionate
vittime della gelosia e Dominanza!


where self defence is used to protect the liberated land
it's a logical human need if around you there's civil war

armed resistance to live
in rojava
women centered society gender equality
non ti prende il sentimento
non finira' in un dannato momento!

self sufficiency, jinealogy
all the trainings to survive in autonomy and solidarity
fighting tyranny and regimes with weapons and unity
it's an example of a different society, gaining victories

Costrette a rivoltarsi dopo le violenze
subite amiche sorella guerrilla
lotta armata, per Afrin e Kobane!

They're imprisoned, killed, raped everyday
but their solidarity is their way, sisters that can't be ignored no more,
cause they won't submit anymore!

we can't destroy capitalism without fighting the state,
as we can't destroy the state, without smashing patriarchy
Women have been marginalised, excluded and killed for too long
in Rojava.