woensdag 15 januari 2020

zaterdag 23 november 2019

W(a)stern Humans - Novi Sad Serbia

youtube : https://youtu.be/TxksYHmGm0g

Let's shake human brains for once!
wake up from this sleepy state of mind!
also when we want 'to be punk'!

beware the myth of the alcoholic and the one of the doped
how many careless coke consumers feel like they're not doin' wrong?
2019 epidemy of DSM-psychiatry lovers and then?
virtual activists following trends, skipping news as spam!

drinking is cool untill you shake!
Untill you shake in the morning!

Privileged western humans creating problems as we are so lucky and bored!?

Labeling ourselves in search of a new identity why don't we read a book?
With our social security and our free money and mamy calling us soon?
If we feel guilty for our privileges why dont we help others out?
Instead of complaining whining and crying waiting for a facebook sound?

untill you...
shake !
'punk is drunk, speed is punk'
no fun.