dinsdag 30 juni 2020

Deconfined...playing soon, Full lenght in sight!

As most country, here in belgium where we live, we are starting again with shows and so on... despite of what we think about, I hope this won't make it all go worse, but we started to have some invitations again for shows and planning our tour(s).
we are going to play first with our new project, ORTIKA on 4 july 2020 in Tournai. show is sold out as limited to 50 people (ihihi). After a vacation time in july, we will play the 8 august at Feierfest in Luxembourg with MATRAK ATTAKK and ORTIKA.
From 20 till 23 august we will make a mini tour to pay back our shows at Violent Apes Festival (F) and Bourdache festival (CH) at least we hope till then all will be allright :D

In september we have a Poland / CZ / Belarus tour (only Grodno due to visa stuff) from 1 till 15
then we will play in NL at Noise Annoys fest on 3 october, and from 8 October till 25, we got to finish a Spain / Portugal tour that we had to cut in March... :)

As life starts again, i suggest every crustpunk to subscribe to Organise and arise social media version, which i hope will make us leave FB once for all :)

In this confinement times, the 3 of us living together made 5 new songs that we will record end of the year for our  1st FULL LENGHT where finally Antoine will be able to put his bass in !

ps we also made a DIY DVD there's only 7 copies left!

See you soon, and take care!

dinsdag 24 maart 2020

Confined as anybody else..

We could do 9 days of 25 of our Lasciate ogni speranza march tour, and we had to go back from Vigo, driving 18 hourse to Le Mans staying the night at Antoine's and going back the day after. Borders have been closed fast. Even If I would rather be stuck in Portugal than Belgium, we had to run back, so this 'rest of the tour' is postponed for october/november. and we hope that this will be possible...
in the meantime, we lost really too many shows, and this is the only video we received, from Day1 of the tour, thanks to Bruno in Daolas/ Brest.
Of course, the april tour in april is canceled too..and we really hope we will be able to go to the UK in june as planned....

so pls support us online, we still can screenprint and practice every day.

wish you all more freedom again !

woensdag 15 januari 2020